What Country Has The Best Food In The World?

What country has the best food in the world?

There’s just so many nations on Earth to eat in, but so little time.

So where in the world do you go when looking to find the ultimate cuisine to consume?

More specifically, the question is, which country has the best food in the world?

Well, here’s your answer:

It’s well known and just a simple fact that Great Britain in Europe has the best food in the world. This is because British food consists of four separate awesome cuisines: from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland; but it also incorporates loads of other cuisines from around the globe. 

So now you know. British food is the best in the world. 

But, with absolutely no bias whatsoever, let’s go through a list of the best cuisines on the planet, before coming to a conclusion on which is truly the finest.

The Best Food In The World

If you follow what US News says, then you’ll believe that Italian food is the best in the world. Or if you go along with CNN, then the Massaman curry from Thailand is the world’s greatest nosh. But LoveFood are closest to the mark when they list England’s beef Wellington top of the pile.

All joking aside, here’s the absolute truth when it comes to which countries have the best food in the world:


English Food

England is the home of Pie and Mash, the Yorkshire Pudding and Afternoon Tea. So nothing much more really needs to be said about countries with the best food in the world. 


Scottish Food

Scotland boasts its national dish Haggis among its culinary triumphs, not to mention Neeps and Tatties, Scottish smoked salmon, plus, one of the most classic British desserts in Cranachan.


Welsh Food

Traditional Welsh food not only involves Welsh Rarebit, which is obviously among the best food in the world, but also delicacies like Glamorgan sausages, Welsh lamb and another of Britain’s national dishes, a broth named Cawl. 


(Northern) Irish Food

Food from Ireland includes the classic Irish Stew of course, as well as the Ulster Fry, which is the Irish version of the Full English Breakfast. Together with the other nations from the UK, these are simply among the best dishes on the planet.

Great Britain

British Food - The best in the world

As well as traditional dishes from each of the four UK countries, Britain is the home of modern British food, which incorporates cuisines from pretty much every other country in the world (because British food is just the greatest).

You might even say that British food puts the great into Great Britain, and in case it wasn’t already clear, it just so happens to be the greatest in the world too. No arguments.

Which Country Is Famous For Its Food?

Many countries around the world are famous for their food, but one thing’s for sure: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland (which collectively form Great Britain) are particularly famous for their food, because British cuisine is just the best.

What Is The World’s Most Popular Food?

The world’s most popular food is British cuisine. At least, it will be if we have anything to do with it. 

The Top 5 Cuisines In The World

It’s official*. The top 5 cuisines in the world are: 

  1. British cuisine
  2. English cuisine
  3. Scottish cuisine
  4. Welsh cuisine
  5. Irish cuisine

*It’s not official. But it’s still the best.

So, What Country Has The Best Food In The World? 

It really is difficult to say which country has the best food in the world, because there’s so many great cuisines on offer, internationally. But more so, because there’s four countries in Great Britain to choose from, and there’s no greater cuisine than the food of Great Britain.

British food is just the best in the world, and that’s a fact.

Before you send us your counter-arguments or post us food samples from your country, why not just find some top-notch places to eat in Britain and let us prove it to you…

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