Is British Food The Worst In The World?

Is British Food The Worst In The World?

British food is typically loved by Brits, but mocked and misunderstood by the rest of the planet. 

Sadly, a question that therefore needs answering is whether Britain’s got the worst food in the world.

British food is not the worst in the world, despite what you might’ve heard. It’s not even remotely bad, never mind terrible. It just can’t be the worst in the world when it involves dishes like the Full English Breakfast, Roast Dinner, Shepherd’s Pie and Fish & Chips. Not to mention Apple Crumble and Eton Mess.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course, except when it comes to British food. It’s just the best.

Clearly, this article is free from any bias or tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Also clear, is that some people (wrongly) show a disliking for the top-notch cuisine that is British food.

What Is The Worst Food In The World?

It’s difficult to say what the worst food in the world is, unless you’ve eaten in every country on the planet. All 200-odd. At least, that’s Britain’s get-out-clause.

We wouldn’t want to compare anyway. It just wouldn’t be fair to the other nations. Instead, here we’ll just give you several reasons why British food is absolutely not the worst in the world, plus proof, in the form of the best places to eat in Britain.

Here’s just some of the reasons why British food isn’t the worst in the world:

The Past Is In The Past

British food used to have a terrible reputation, and to be fair, looking back at some of the photos, some of it wasn’t pretty. 

That said, it’s an important part of British history, in the sense that it’s at least partly connected to the Second World War, when food rationing meant the UK endured years of eating bland and unexciting meals.

So, that’s one reason why British food was widely considered to be bad in the past, but things are different now (honest).

It’s difficult to imagine any other country desperately defending their home cuisine with such a ridiculous article, but needs must. 

The Full English Breakfast

If we’re talking specific dishes, the Full English Breakfast could be an answer by itself as to why British food isn’t the worst in the world. It’s the best way to start any day, wherever you are on the globe.

Roast Dinner (and Yorkshire Pudding)

The only bad thing about a roast dinner is having to wait until the end of the week to eat one (if you’re doing it traditionally, Sunday is the day to eat this classic British dish). 

But a classic British roast dinner alongside the taste sensation that is the Yorkshire pudding, is of course one of the best meals in the world, whatever day of the week it is.

Fish & Chips

Not necessarily the healthiest food in the world, but British Fish & Chips is without doubt, one of the best dishes known to man. Whether you’re eating the best Fish & Chips in London, or anywhere else in Blighty, it’s certainly not the worst food in the world.

Bangers & Mash 

Bangers and mash is just one of amongst a list of classic British dishes that we could cite as the best in the world.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re essentially just going through our favourite classic dishes from the UK, in desperate hope of trying to convince you that British food isn’t the worst in the world. 

British Delicacies 

Away from full-on British dishes, the UK is also home to tons of scrum-diddly-umcious delicacies that rival the best from around the globe, often regional, like the Cornish Pasty, Pork Pie, Cherry Bakewell Tart and Scones.

British Desserts 

We’ve already mentioned Apple Crumble and Eton Mess, but Britain’s famous desserts aren’t so popular for just these two reasons. It’s the lot of them combined that helps make British food the best in the world, including Sticky Toffee Pudding, Strawberry Trifle and even Arctic Roll.

Four Countries For The Price Of One 

Another reason British food isn’t the worst in the world has got to be that it’s a combination of four countries for the price of one. 

We might be clutching at straws now, but either way, food from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, together, surely make British food the best cuisine in the world.

English Food

England is home to some of the most famous British dishes like Fish & Chips and of course, the Full English Breakfast.

Scottish Food

Scotland’s cuisine consists of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, Scottish salmon, Shortbread and Cranachan. Need we say more?

Welsh Food

Classic food from Wales includes the national dish, Welsh Cawl, plus a whole host of additional treats like Welsh Rarebit, Welsh lamb, Welsh cakes and Bara Brith. 

Irish Food 

Irish Stew is among the most obvious (and warming) dishes to eat when in Ireland, but you should never forget about the Ulster Fry, Colcannon, Champ, Barmbrack and Soda Bread.

Modern British Food

As if traditional food from the UK wasn’t enough, modern British food takes things to another level, using more contemporary cooking techniques and being influenced by other cuisines from around the world.

Most Brits will always love the classics like toad in the hole and jam roly roly, but there’s also something special about how British food continues to evolve and move with the times.

British Chefs

Just like British cuisine generally, our chefs in the UK come in different forms. Whether it’s the local cook or chef running a small cafe, street food stall, restaurant or gastropub, Michelin starred chefs, or celebrity chefs (or a combination of all), there’s some serious talent in Britain’s kitchens these days.

British Home Cooks 

As well as Britain’s chefs, there’s also plenty of talent on the home cooking scene in the UK.

Home cooking in Blighty is typically quite different to the food served in the UK’s best restaurants. But again, it’s the combination of styles within British food as a cuisine that makes it so special (and just to be clear, not the worst in the world).

British Food Traditions 

There’s just loads of traditions and events based around food in the UK, including Pancake Day, Easter, Christmas and even Yorkshire Pudding Day. If only there were a British food calendar and a list of British food events to find out what’s going on in the UK…

So, Is British Food The Worst In The World?

That’s that, then. It’s pretty clear that, no, British food is actually the best in the world, not the worst, thank you very much.

We Brits love a bit of self-deprecation, but when it comes to our food, we’re here to defend it, while more often than not, stuffing our faces with food from other countries.

On a more serious note, if you’re looking for top-notch food to eat in the UK, then you’re in the right place.

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