How Much Does A Full English Breakfast Cost?

How Much Does A Full English Breakfast Cost?

The Full English Breakfast is a magical thing, we all know that. But is Britain’s beloved ‘full monty’ affordable, or will you need to bring home extra bacon to eat yours?

This is an entirely reasonable thing to wonder if you’re planning to eat your first meal of the day in the UK. Lucky for you, provides the answers to all such queries related to traditional British food.

You’ll be pleased to know that eating the famous British Fry Up doesn’t have to mean missing out on other must-eat places in the UK, although the most pricey Full English might just make your eyes water, as well as your taste buds tingle.

So, how much does a Full English Breakfast cost?

A Full English Breakfast will typically cost from about £5, usually up to around £20. This of course depends on where you go to eat yours, because some London Fry Ups are as expensive as £38, but as a general guide, £5-£20 is most common for the price of a typical Full Monty.

Coming up are examples of epic places in London you can find both cheap and expensive Full English Breakfasts, plus prices in between. But first…

What’s Included in The Cost of a Full English Breakfast?

For around twenty quid (but usually less), a somewhat standard Full English Breakfast will normally include the following:

  • Sausage(s)
  • Bacon 
  • Egg(s)
  • Baked beans 
  • Toast or fried bread 
  • Tomato(es)
  • Mushroom(s)
  • Red and/or brown sauce

If it’s a proper traditional Fry Up, you should really also see the British delicacies that are black pudding and bubble & squeak included within the price. 

Other typical British breakfast items you might also see on the menu include beauties like hash browns, white pudding, and particularly in Scotland, haggis (either included in the base price, or as optional extras).

Additional sausages, bacon, etc can often be added for an extra cost (for example, charged at £1 extra per item). Vegetarian and vegan versions of a Full English also present another potential price variation (usually slightly cheaper than their meatier counterparts).

The number and quality of items included in your Fry Up as standard will vary from place to place, which will likely depend on whether you’re dining in a traditional British cafe, a top-notch restaurant, or high-end hotel for example.

Drinks, such as orange juice, coffee, or a nice British cup of breakfast tea, will usually be charged separately (as will optional service charges).

The Cost of a Full English Breakfast in London

By using London as a guide, it’s highly likely that prices elsewhere in the UK will be less than the highest in Blighty’s capital.

So, here are some epic places to eat your Full English in London, with price-points ranging from “are you sure that’s all you want for it?” to “does this not come with gold-leaf!?” 

The Regency Café

For an absolute steal at £6.00 you’re getting yourself a set breakfast at The Regency Café, which fills your plate with all of this:

  • One top-notch sausage
  • One fried egg
  • Two bacon rashers
  • Baked beans or tomatoes
  • Bread or toast

Optional extras are black pudding, bubble & squeak and hash browns for just £1.00 each.

You’ll also get a cup of Tea or Coffee within the price.

Not only that, this is just THE place to go for a proper traditional Full English Breakfast experience, no question about it. Ridiculously good value for money. 

Blighty Café

The patriotically named Blighty café will provide you with the iconic breakfast known as ‘The Winston’ (named after our famous Prime Minister, Winston Churchill) all for £10.95.

The Winston includes fried eggs, British bacon, a Cumberland sausage, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, bone marrow, black pudding, baked beans and organic sourdough toast.

Full English at The Table Cafe

Here’s what you’ll get for £14.00 at The Table Cafe if you order their Full English Breakfast, which they call ‘The Borough’:

Organic fried eggs, streaky bacon, London sausage, ham-hock baked beans, tomato, herby mushrooms & grilled sourdough.

Add Kent black pudding for £4.00
Add devilled kidneys for £5.00

(Also a great place for breakfast if you want to move onto Borough Market or The Shard for lunch – both within walking distance).

Duck and Waffle

Now we really start to see little change from our £20, in monetary terms at least. The Duck and Waffle English Breakfast might be at the higher end at £16.00, but you’re getting an incredible view of London, along with a plateful of deliciousness:

  • Lincolnshire sausage
  • Two eggs – cooked how you like
  • Dry cured bacon
  • Plum tomato
  • Mushroom
  • Hash brown
  • Cheddar & buttermilk scone


A Full English Breakfast at Hawksmoor will cost you another £1, but for your £17, you’ll be eating one of the best breakfasts around. These being the reasons:

  • Plum Pudding bacon
  • Sausage (made with pork, beef & mutton)
  • Black pudding
  • Fried eggs
  • Hash brown
  • Grilled mushrooms
  • Roast tomatoes
  • Trotter baked beans
  • Toast


Of course, there’s exceptions to the ‘rule’ of a typical fry up costing between £5 and £20. If you’re wanting a breakfast for a special occasion, or you just feel like flashing the cash, you can always head to Claridge’s where you’ll need to part with £38.00 for a Full English.

More Full English Breakfast Prices 

Here’s what it costs to eat a Full English at a few more of our favourite places in London:

Ting, The Shard£36.00
The Breakfast Club£13.50
E Pellicci£12.50
Terry’s Cafe£12.50
Norman’s Cafe£8.00
The Wolseley£19.95
Prices as of 2021

So, now you know how much to expect to pay for a Full English Breakfast, you can start looking for all that other famous food to eat when visiting London, or wherever you plan to be in the UK.

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