Famous British Food vs Famous British Faces

Roast Dinner vs The Queen

Famous British food is famous for a reason y’know (because it’s awesome!)

Actually, some of our dishes are probably more famous around the world than many of our best-known celebrities.

Let’s see whether you’re more familiar with our famous British food or faces…

Famous British Food vs Famous British Faces

Beware of the corny British comparisons!

Full English Breakfast vs James Bond

Famous British Food - Full English Breakfast vs James Bond

Starting with the most important meal of the day, you could say the Full English Breakfast is as dangerous as James Bond (a.k.a. Daniel Craig).

After all, if you were to eat our ‘Fry Up’ every day, it might affect cholesterol levels! That being said, just like 007, the Full English does have a licence to thrill (I did warn you it’d be corny!)

Fish and Chips vs Jamie Oliver

Famous British Food - Fish and Chips vs Jamie Oliver

A very famous British food dish is Fish and Chips. One of the typical UK meals, Fish and Chips is synonymous with our seaside towns.

Also famously linked to one these towns (Southend-on-sea), is one of our most loved celebrity chefs, Jamie Oliver. As Jamie would describe it… Fish and Chips is just “pukka.”

Bangers and Mash vs Anthony Joshua

Bangers and Mash vs Anthony Joshua

Bangers and Mash sounds like something our world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua would do to me if I upset him.

It’s actually our way of telling you sausages and mashed potatoes are on the menu!

Toad in the hole vs Rory McIllroy 

Toad in the hole vs Rory McIllroy

Now our lovable golfer Rory McIllroy is famous for putting balls into holes, but I bet you he also enjoys our sausage and Yorkshire pudding dish, Toad in the hole, from time to time.

Shepherd’s Pie vs Prince Charles 

Shepherd's Pie vs Prince Charles

I know from my trips abroad that Shepherd’s Pie is a particularly famous British food. Everyone seems to know this one!

This minced lamb and potato dish is ridiculously good, especially when cooked with Welsh lamb. Surely that means Charles, the Prince of Wales, loves a cheeky Shepherd’s Pie? 

Pie and Mash vs David Beckham

Famous British Food - Pie and Mash vs David Beckham

Pie and Mash is without doubt one of the best and classic British dishes to try when visiting the UK.

It’s well known that our mega-famous ex-footballer (soccer player) David Beckham loves visiting his favourite Pie and Mash shop when in East London.

Ploughman’s Lunch vs Ed Sheeran

Famous British Food - Ploughamn's Lunch vs Ed Sheeran

This British lunch dish is best compared to our superstar musician Ed Sheeran, for the simple reason that both are awesome but super humble!

But what is a Ploughman’s Lunch?

Afternoon Tea vs Mary Berry

Afternoon Tea vs Mary Berry

I don’t care what anyone says, every British bloke has imagined Mary Berry being their Nan and serving them Afternoon Tea. No?? Just me then!

Our queen of baking and our traditional afternoon sandwich and cake feast just go hand in hand.

Welsh Cawl vs Michael Sheen

Welsh Cawl vs Michael Sheen

When I think about Wales, I think of a Welsh Cawl, followed closely by Michael Sheen, the famous Welsh actor. Mainly because I saw him make a top notch Welsh Cawl on TV once! 

This meat and vegetable dish from Wales isn’t exactly the most famous British food and it’s almost certainly less well known than Michael Sheen, but it sure is great. 

Haggis vs Gerard Butler

Haggis vs Gerard Butler

I bet when you think about something strong, meaty and tasty from Scotland, it’s the actor Gerard Butler.

Personally, I think about our amazing sheep offal dish otherwise known as Haggis!

Beef Wellington vs Gordon Ramsay

Famous British Food - Beef Wellington vs Gordon Ramsay

Another famous Scot is our celebrity chef of Michelin starred restaurants, Gordon Ramsay. 

He might be Scottish, but he’s particularly well known for the classic English Beef Wellington being his signature dish.

Irish Stew vs Liam Neeson 

Famous British Food - Irish Stew vs Liam Neeson

Irish film star Liam Neeson is almost as tasty as the traditional Irish stew!

As the line goes in his blockbuster film Taken, “If you eat my Irish stew, I will find you…”

Roast Dinner vs The Queen

Roast Dinner vs The Queen

Our traditional Roast dinner can be best compared to the most famous Brit, who else but The Queen!

Not only is it probably the most famous British food, the Roast dinner is undoubtedly the most prestigious, just like Her Maj.

Famous British food – Desserts 

Apple Crumble vs Dame Judi Dench

Apple Crumble vs Dame Judi Dench

Call me crazy, but right now I’m likening legendary actress Dame Judi Dench to probably the most famous of the classic British desserts, the Apple Crumble. 

Just like her character ‘M’ in the James Bond films, this incredible pudding has a hard, crunchy exterior, but you just know there’s a soft, gooey layer somewhere underneath!

Eton Mess vs Prince Harry

Eton Mess vs Prince Harry

This probably seems a bit harsh on the face of it, so just to be clear, I think Prince Harry is an absolute lad.

But I’ve chosen to write this silly article linking British foods to our famous people and the fact that he went to Eton College has helped me out massively!

Eton Mess is an incredible strawberry, meringue and cream dessert and I reckon His Royal Ladness would be chuffed with the comparison.

Trifle vs Emma Watson 

Famous British Food - Trifle vs Emma Watson

If you’re looking for pure English class and beauty, look no further than the classic Strawberry Trifle and actress Emma Watson.

Without sounding like an obsessed psychopath (I just have a small crush), I can’t work out which is more painfully beautiful!

Sticky Toffee Pudding vs Harry Potter 

Famous British Food - Sticky Toffee Pudding vs Harry Potter

Keeping with the Harry Potter theme to finish, who better to mention alongside this magical dessert than Britain’s most famous wizard himself, a.k.a. Daniel Radcliffe.

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