British Delicacies – 25 Insanely Good UK Foods

British Delicacies

British delicacies don’t just come in the form of our awesome meals you know!

No no no, there’s SO much amazing food in the UK that I’ve got to tell you about even more (seriously, I just have to!)

I’m about to give you 25 unique British foods that are not necessarily full-on meals, but if you want the ultimate UK food experience, you won’t want to ignore them.

So, without further ado…

Savoury British delicacies

#1… Bacon Sandwich

Bacon sandwich with brown sauce

Also known as the bacon butty. Nothing beats a few smoked pig rashers between two chunky slabs of bread. What a way to kick off a list of British delicacies!

To be eaten whenever you fancy in my book, not just for breakfast, although, the bacon butty is also the perfect medicine after a heavy night out!

#2… Scotch Egg

British Delicacies - Scotch Egg

Usually eaten as a snack or part of a Ploughman’s Lunch, a scotch egg is a deep fried, sausage-meat wrapped boiled egg.

A popular picnic food in the UK, although there is some debate as to how this delicacy came about exactly. Whatever the case, we should all be grateful to the genius that invented it.

#3… Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

A Cornish pasty is a traditional delicacy consisting of beef, turnip, potato, onion and plenty of pepper, all within a D-shaped pastry casing.

Such a diva is the Cornish pasty, it has its own trade organisation, the Cornish Pasty Association!

#4… Welsh Rarebit

Welsh Rarebit

We are essentially talking about a cheese fondue type sauce here folks, smothered over slices of crisp toasted bread. Mmmm….mmmm…mmmm!!

There’s different ways to make the sauce, involving the options of adding ingredients like mustard, ale, Worcestershire sauce or paprika to the cheese base.

A more basic version is simply cheese melted (normally cheddar) on toast, imaginatively called cheese on toast.

#5… Black Pudding

Black Pudding

Despite a somewhat unappealing name and appearance, black pudding really is a British breakfast delicacy worth trying.

Plenty of folk are put off by this being a blood sausage (pork), but there’s nothing to fear, it actually tastes great.

#6… Beans on Toast

Beans on toast

Beans on toast is without doubt, a British food staple that just has to be tried. Adding a grated cheddar cheese topping takes it to another level!

Whether you go for a posh version or the classic option of using Heinz baked beans, you’ll probably want to move to the UK once you’ve tried this one!

#7… Chip Butty

British Delicacies - Chip butty

In other words, a French fries sandwich, with a ‘butty’ being another term for sandwich and chips being fries in the UK. Best served with ‘Tommy K’ (tomato ketchup).

Can this really be classed as a delicacy, you ask? In Britain, sure. We’re not always sophisticated!

#8… Pork Pie

Pork pie

The famous pork pie is one of the well known regional British delicacies, being from a place called Melton Mowbray in the north of England.

The pork pie is another picnic favourite, being sausage meat surrounded by jelly then encased in buttery crumbly pastry. So good!

#9… Laverbread


Not actually bread this one. Go figure! (although seen served with bread above)

Seaweed found off the coast of Wales is combined with oatmeal before frying, to give this unique British food dish.

Typically served as part of a Welsh breakfast with eggs, bacon and cockles.

#10… Sausage Roll

Sausage Rolls

Maybe one of the most loved British delicacies in other parts of the world, the sausage roll really is a crowd pleaser.

Sausage meat surrounded by flaky puff pastry is all sorts of magical!

#11… Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and squeak - British Delicacies

This is a potato and cabbage based treat that can be eaten as the main basis of a meal, or as a side dish. Most commonly made and eaten on Boxing Day, made from leftover roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

The name ‘Bubble and Squeak’ comes from the noises made during the cooking process (nothing to do with bodily after effects!)

#12… Bedfordshire Clanger

Bedfordshire Clanger
Image courtesy of

A ‘clanger’ just sounds like something terrible, right?! But there’s nothing bad about the Bedfordshire clanger, I can assure you. 

Like the sausage roll, this is a pastry encased British delicacy but filled with meat, potatoes and onions.

#13… Seafood

British seafood

There are loads of seaside locations in Britain, so naturally there are plenty of seafoods that we can boast as delicacies (in addition to fish and chips).

Whether fish or shellfish, you’ll find some cracking seafood including fish such as sea bass, herring, mackerel, haddock and halibut.

Then there is our shellfish, such as mussels, cockles, winkles, crab, oysters, scallops and lobster.

#14… Jellied Eels

British Delicacies - Jellied eels
Image courtesy of The Fish Society

I know what you’re thinking, “surely eels are seafood?!”

Correct. It’s just that they deserve their own special mention as a British delicacy, considering their history and popularity, originating in the East End of London.

#15… Stargazy Pie

Stargazy pie

As you can see, this is also a seafood dish, but I think you’ll agree the Stargazy pie also deserves its own special mention!

Don’t let the peculiar presentation put you off. If you’re a seafood fan, this pilchard pie from Cornwall is well worth a try. It’s not exactly on every restaurant menu though, so this might be one to try at home. 

#16… Haggis


So awesome is Haggis, it claims it’s position here as a British delicacy as well as on my traditional British foods list. 

Haggis is a delicious mix of sheep heart, liver and lung cooked with onion, oatmeal and spices. Definitely a must-try if you’re visiting the UK, with it being one of our national dishes (Scotland’s). 

#17… Rumbledethumps


Now I love Bubble and Squeak, but my discovery of Rumbledethumps means there’s some serious competition between the two!

Rumbledethumps is a Scottish classic very similar to Bubble and Squeak, but with the addition of onion and melted cheese. Need I say more?!

#18… Pease Pudding

Pease pudding

On behalf of the British people, I once again apologise for the confusion our food causes. Brace yourself… Pease pudding is not a dessert! Like the Yorkshire pudding, it’s a savoury dish. I know… I’m sorry!

Anyway, Pease pudding consists of nice yellow split peas, cooked with spices into a hummus type consistency (traditionally served with boiled ham or gammon).

Sweet British delicacies

Moving onto the sweet stuff…

#19… Bakewell Tart(s)

British Delicacies - Bakewell tarts

The Bakewell Tart is a naughty little cherry and almond flavoured treat! A small individual tart or slice of a larger tart is great as a snack with a cup of tea. It’s also one of the best British desserts.

#20… The Scone

British scone

‘Scones’ or ‘Scons’? Who cares quite honestly! This famous British food treat is so good the name doesn’t really matter! Sweet versions (with currants) are most popular, but savoury is also a valid option.

Together with a cup of English tea, serve the sweet type with strawberry jam and whipped cream for a taste sensation! Quintessential British food right there.

#21… Victoria Sponge Cake

Victoria sandwich sponge cake

This strawberry jam and cream filled sponge was enjoyed something rotten by Queen Victoria back in the day, so it was naturally named after her. (Also known as the Victoria Sandwich).

Butter, sugar, eggs and flour make up the oven baked sponge, of which two slices are placed either side of the jam and whipped cream filling. Fresh strawberries added will really knock your socks off.

#22… Deep Fried Mars Bar

Deep Fried Mars Bar
Image courtesy of The Nosey Chef

Originating in Scotland, this idea to batter a chocolate (candy) bar and deep fry it, is nothing short of visionary! Yep, you read that right. Us Brits are quite the dare devils. Seriously, we live life right on the edge!

Naturally, things have escalated on the back of the Mars bar idea and now all sorts of deep fried chocolate experiments take place.

#23… Maids of Honour Tart(s)

Maids of Honour Tarts
Image courtesy of

This tart is a classic English baked dish, with a filling of cheese curds surrounded by puff pastry, also flavoured with jam and almond.

This just screams British sophistication! 

#24… Parkin

British Delicacies - Parkin

Parkin is an awesome cake of gingerbread and black treacle from northern England. You have to hand it to the northerners, they are responsible for loads of the best British delicacies! 

#25… Cranachan


Cream. Raspberries. Oats. Whisky. 

Four simple ingredients, one incredible Scottish dessert, named Cranachan. A great way to wrap up our list of British delicacies!

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