The Best British Snacks – 100+ UK Crisps, Cakes, Biscuits, Chocolate Bars and Sweets

Best British Snacks

When it comes to British snacks, there’s so many epic choices, even we at the British Grub Hub didn’t know where to start!

The thing is, there’s loads of traditional British delicacies, like sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pork pies and scones, which are incredible snacks, especially when home-made.

But there’s also tons of awesome off-the-shelf, not-so-sophisticated, stuff-in-your-gob snacks to be had in the UK.

Here at the BGH, when it comes to British food, we love everything from a bit of fancy fine-dining, to a proper greasy Fry Up, a quintessential Afternoon Tea, but also a good old helping of British junk food (in moderation, obvs).

Enter our mammoth list of the best British snacks! There’s absolutely loads of ‘em…

If you’ve got a craving for something in particular, the jump links below should satisfy that in a flash. Otherwise, feel free to skip the links and check out the entire list!

Savoury British snacks
Sweet British snacks
Biscuits and Cakes
Chocolate bars (Candy bars)
Sweets (Candy)

So you want the complete list of British snacks do you?

Well ok then.

Brace yourself. You’re about to be hit with the ultimate UK snack attack…


Savoury British Snacks


Walkers Crisps

Ahhh, Walkers crisps. We just can’t stop going back for more. Classic and most popular flavours include:

Prawn cocktail, roast chicken, Marmite, beef and onion, cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, smoky bacon, Worcestershire sauce, tomato ketchup. To name just a few!

The excitement we get from limited edition flavours being released is borderline melodramatic, but justified.

As if that’s not enough, then there’s Walkers Max, Walkers Sensations, French Fries. The list goes on.

Hula Hoops

Crunchy potato ring-shaped crisps in various flavours that you can eat off your fingers? Sign us up! KP’s Hula Hoops are best in the original ready salted flavour,  BBQ Beef, Cheese & Onion or Salt & Vinegar. 

Guinness Crisps

One of the more weird snack foods maybe (not everyone will be a fan), but there’s just no way we can ignore crisps made by Guinness.

Mini Cheddars

A classic British childhood lunchbox treat. Mini cheddars are cheesy but not-too-cheesy, biscuit like crackers. That’s probably the best way to describe the originals. 

Monster Munch

Ahhhh, Monster Munch. The monster foot shaped corn snack. Pickled Onion is considered the classic, but the Flamin’ Hot and Roast Beef flavours are also must-tries. 


Unsurprisingly, given their Marmite flavour, Jacobs Twiglets are generally either loved or hated. A crisp in the shape of, you guessed it, a twig. What’s not to love?! 


There’s no exaggeration when we say Skips are melt in the mouth. Never mind Britain, these crisp fizzy, fluffy and flavoursome mouthfuls of joy are one of the best snacks in the world. The original Prawn Cocktail flavour can’t be beaten, in our humble opinion. 


Lighter than the airiest of airs, Quavers wont let you down if you just happen to have a potato-based craving that needs filling up. 

Scampi Fries

Another famous British pub snack, Scampi Fries are an attempt at replicating one of our classic pub dishes. As you’d expect, there’s something fishy about the flavour! 

Nik Naks

Not so common these days it seems, but Nik Naks were one of the most popular UK crisps once upon a time. A harder, crunchier version of Wotsits you could say (which are like Cheetos) with a ridiculously good array of flavours…

– Cheese
– Nice ‘n’ Spicy
– Rib ‘n’ Saucy
– Pickle ‘n’ Onion
– Scampi ‘n’ Lemon

Space Raiders

Space Raiders. Should stop eating them about age 12. You’ll probably still be going at 72… 

Pom Bears 

Should probably stop eating these at around aged 4. Yet they find themselves in more adult lunchboxes than you might think! 

Snack a Jacks

The ultimate UK snack for somehow always leaving you feeling guilt-free…


One of the go-to bags of British crisps.  Perfect as a naughty addition to a Ploughman’s Lunch. 


Another of the reliables. Can’t go wrong with a bag of Tyrells. 

McCoy’s Crisps

No nonsense and no mistaking what variety you’ve got. McCoy’s pack a flavour punch like no other…


Just as you solved the french-fry, chips and crisps mystery, potential for more confusion… 

Marmite crisps 

You’ll love them. Ok, the alternative is that you might hate them. But half of you will love them!  


Bacon. Flavoured. Crisps. No further words needed. 


More Savoury British Snacks…

KP Peanuts

Whether it’s the original salted or the dry roasted version, KP’s peanuts are one of the traditional british pub snacks perfect with a cold beer. 

Butterkist Popcorn

The sticky toffee popcorn from Butterkist has been a UK fave for years. Not hard to see why once you’ve tasted… 

Mr Porky’s Pork Scratchings

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, we’d sooner go for the real thing from one of our pub menus, but for your on-the-go crunchy pig skin substitute, Mr Porky’s do the job. 


Sweet British Snacks

Biscuits and Cakes

Otherwise known as cookies and, well, cakes…

Nice Biscuits

These babies are just that. Nice. Nothing spectacular, but you’d never turn one down. Perfect with a ‘cuppa.’

Rich Tea 

Speaking of perfect snacks to drink with tea. Basically a dolled up Digestive biscuit… 


Still reminds us of Chandler’s Dad’s fella in Friends. But on this side of the pond, Garibaldi is a stalwart ‘bicky!’ 

Bourbon Creams

A proper old school British snackeroony! Better than Oreos, no question. Controversial? Just try them… 

Fox’s Crunch Cream

Essentially a pimped up Custard Cream. Can’t say no to that! 

Maryland Cookies

The one biscuit that we Brits don’t mind calling a cookie. To be found in most biscuit tins, sorry, cookie jars, across the UK. 

Pink Wafers 

We’re as dubious as you to call it a biscuit or a cake, but Pink Wafers deservedly take their place in any list of British snacks. 

Party Rings

More vital to a British child’s birthday bash than balloons, cake, or children. Enough said.  

Rocky Bars 

The only thing wrong with the famous biscuit and chocolate delight that is the Rocky Bar… too small. Difficult to pick a winner from the Original Chocolate and Caramel varieties.

Caramel Wafers 

Like the more mature, sophisticated cousin of the Pink Wafer…

Tunnock’s Snowballs

Another treat from one of the most famous British food brands, Tunnocks don’t disappoint when it comes to snack time. 

Wagon Wheels

An ever-present in the typical 1990s school lunch box, Wagon Wheels are a real retro fave. 

French Fancies

Overlooking the obvious flaw in the name, you can never fail to fancy one of these soft creamy beauties… 

Viennese Whirls

Buttercream and jam sandwiched between two of the lightest, buttery biscuits to grace your lips…

Penguin Biscuits

As if the crunchy chocolatey goodness wasn’t enough, you’re guaranteed a chuckle before you even unwrap a Penguin.

But first, you’ve got to “p…p…pick up a Penguin!” Possibly the greatest slogan ever imagined. 

Bakewell Tarts

One of the best British desserts made into a snack sized treat. Another of Mr. Kipling’s top creations with equally awesome flavour options: 

Jaffa Cakes

Possibly the most controversial British snack, but only due to the name, definitely not taste! Some say not a cake, despite its sponge base beneath the orange jelly inside and milk-choc topping… 

Jammie Dodgers

If you’ve upset the other half and a Jammie Dodger and cup of tea doesn’t fix it, then we don’t know what to suggest! 


Possibly the most popular biscuit in the UK due to its tea-dunking endurance, the Hobnob is like a more rough and ready Digestive biscuit you could say… 

– Original Hobnobs
– Milk Chocolate Hobnobs
– Dark Chocolate Hobnobs

Digestive Biscuits

Ah… the Digestive… the good old McVitie’s Digestive. No matter what new varieties come into our lives, there’ll always be room for the original plain…

– Original Digestives
– Milk Chocolate Digestives
– Dark Chocolate Digestives
– Milk Chocolate & Caramel Digestives

Battenberg Cake

With a pretty checkerboard type design of dashing yellow and pink cake sponge, you might not expect the bold marzipan flavour. An absolute classic. 

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes

Neither a cake nor a biscuit in the conventional sense, despite the name and the biscuity base. Hardened melted chocolate covers said base and a delightful blob of marshmallow.

– Milk Chocolate Tea Cakes
– Dark Chocolate Tea Cakes


Walkers Shortbread flies the flag for one of Scotland’s most epic delicacies just marvellously if you ask us!   

Cadbury Fingers

Dangerously not served in individual portions. Although Cadbury’s ‘family sized’ box of chocolatey biscuit Fingers can easily be polished off alone if you’re not careful. 

Ginger Nuts

Maybe an acquired taste, but Ginger Nuts are amongst the best if you’re in the mood.  

Custard Creams

Crunchy and guess what, creamy! In the top five, if not top three, of famous British biscuits.


UK Chocolate Bars

Candy bars in other parts of the world. We  call them chocolate bars. So here’s the best chocolate bars from the UK… 

Dairy Milk

Most Brit’s go-to choice, when it comes to plain milk chocolate anyway. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk sets the chocolate bar ridiculously high (see what we did there!)


Dairy Milk’s main rival and we couldn’t bear to pick between them. Galaxy is probably creamier and silkier. But it’s not Dairy Milk.

Fruit and Nut

Dairy Milk’s slightly more adventurous and mischievous younger brother, Fruit and Nut is another solid choice (solid in a good, non-teeth shattering way!) 


Another epic Galaxy creation, you could say the closest counterpart to Cadbury’s Flake. Speaking of which… 


Don’t be a flake, have a Flake. Cadbury’s might’ve missed a trick for a slogan there! 


If you’ve heard Brits are lazy, it’s KitKats’ fault. Have a break they said. Ok we said…! New varieties just keep coming… 

Kit-Kat Chunky
Kit-Kat White
Kit-Kat Peanut Butter…


Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like coconut, Bounty’s the way to go. 

Milky Way

This soft-centred delight is just out of this world (sorry, we couldn’t not)… 


It doesn’t get much more light and yep, you guessed it… airy, than the classic Aero. Mint or orange flavours just as good as the original. 


We’re not keeping this one quiet. WISPAS ARE INCREDIBLE!! 

Toffee Crisp

On the podium of best British chocolate bars if you ask us. Yes, we mean top three. But that’s just our view. 


We could eat a basket full of these… 


The honeycomb to chocolate ratio severely puts us at risk of needing a ‘honeycomb snacks’ heading for this article. Still one of our faves. 


Yeah yeah, it used to be called a Marathon Bar. But now it’s called Snickers and endorsed by Mr Bean. 

Milky Bar 

The go-to white chocolate snack in Britain. Bravo, Milky Bar Kid. 


If you like your choc by the chunk, you won’t get much chunkier chunks than with a Yorkie. 


If you don’t like a Mars, you really are on another planet. Sorry, that just wrote itself. 


Give us a…

Lion Bar 

It doesn’t get more roarsome than the Lion Bar. Sorry, not sure what’s come over us! We’ll try to stop now. 


Biscuit. Caramel. Chocolate. Times two. Enter the Twix… 

What’s that? You want even MORE of the best British chocolate bars! Oh, go on then… 

Gold bars
Star Bar 
Green and Blacks
Curly Wurly 
Double Decker 

We really could keep going!


Sweets (Candy)

Not forgetting all of these awesome sweets that we love in the UK too (also available online at British Corner Shop)…

  • Fruit Tella 
  • Magic Stars 
  • Kinder Eggs
  • Cadbury’s Buttons
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Mini Eggs
  • Creme Eggs
  • Roses
  • Bassetts Jelly Babies
  • Liquorice Allsorts
  • Werthers Originals
  • Cadbury Eclairs 
  • Chewits
  • Dolly Mixtures 
  • Jelly Tots 
  • Vice Versas 
  • Malteasers 
  • Quality Street 
  • Smarties
  • Refreshers 
  • Fruit Pastilles 
  • Wine Gums 
  • Fruit Gums 
  • Cherry Drops 
  • Dip Dab
  • Sherbet Liquorice 
  • Munchies 
  • Rolos
  • Fizz Wizz
  • Randoms 
  • Miniature Heroes 
  • Haribo
  • Maoam 
  • Love Hearts
  • Cola Bottles
  • Drumstick Squashies 
  • Skittles 

So there you have it. An epic list of the most famous and most enjoyed snacks in Britain. Don’t forget to get yours, delivered fast with British Corner Shop.

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